Custom Video Recorder (old name – Black Screen Video Spy) finally is back! Tips&Tricks

I didn’t expect I will add two posts one day but it happened.. It looks its my happy day.

After few months of “fight” finally I won! New version of Black Screen Video Spy is back in the store!
New name, new look, new features.

In this version the most imporatnt thing is posibility to change the background as you wish, if you want to have still the loved black screen I recommend you to download a black image for example from here and set it as the default background in the app. Then everything will be looks the same way as before update but will works better. But! You can also set your homescreen or another app screenshot as the background and record video without suspicion.

You can also save your money by buying the Black Screen Spy Kit Bundle contained Custom Screen Camera and Custom Video Recorder. 

If you don’t know Custom Video Recorder, click here (link to App Store)

Check also Custom Screen Camera my second spying app!


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