#shyselfie new way of taking a selfie

It’s been a long time I wrote something here,but now I will try to fill the gap.

Finally, my new project is available in AppStore! (you can find it here: #shyselfie)
ShySelfie – new way of taking a selfies.
I’m not sure how about you but I don’t like take a selfie.. and especially I don’t like when someone else see I’m taking a picture of my pretty face.. That’s why I made ShySelfie.

Now you can take selfie in any place you want, at work, at school, at shop without suspicion, even if someone is trying to look at your phone.

Best result you can get by setting a for example homescreen or screenshot from another app, as the custom background of app (you can change it in settings). Btw taking a screenshot is easy just put home button and power button at the same time, then you can select created picture form camera roll in the app and set as background. You can still use the default background.

To take a #shyselfie just press the screen, you will see the preview. When you release the finger, selfie will be taken and saved in camera roll. Preview of course will be gone… and you see again selected (or default) background. Just like that….

When you decide to publish your #shyselfie, please don’t foget about use the hashtag! #shyselfie.

Let’s #shyselfies!


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