ShySelfie 1.1 released!

Hi there!

New version has been approved and it’s ready for you!

If you are still not sure, I hope this video help you decide.



Shyselfie – the best settings!

Hi there! The new version of Shy selfie 1.1 is comming. App has been submited to AppStore review. I think its about one or two weeks and will be available for you. BUT I can show you now, what will be possible in new version.

Finally preview can be square and you can adjust the radius of corner. Its possible to prepare preview to be as app icon, after that, just set your homescreen screenshot as app background and its done! Check the results below:) ( on the preview next to Messenger app, my lovely wife


Custom Screen Camera – ( Black Screen Camera Spy) TIPS & TRICKS

Custom Screen Camera 2.0 available in App Store!

Similar as in case of Custom Video Recorder if you want to take a picture with black background I recommend you to download  the background from here, (or here in case of iPhone 4 or 4s)  and in app shake your phone to see the settings menu and then select Custom background and set it to that one just downloaded. Now you can start taking real Spy photos!

You can also save your money by buying the Black Screen Spy Kit Bundle contained Custom Screen Camera and Custom Video Recorder. 

If you have any thoughts or ideas how to improve my apps, feel free to contact me!